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Hello and Welcome. Here on this site we’ll discuss hair loss treatments and products and will present before you a natural treatment regimen for balding.

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Introduction — This site is dedicated to the countless consumers who have been relentless in searching for a hair loss treatment. Hair loss is a frustration that limits your lifestyle and dampens your social life. As in all losses, you grieve and despair over them, but eventually you will learn to accept. Right after acceptance, comes the quest for solutions and hair loss solutions abound. However, not all of these available solutions really work. So, when and where will your quest end?

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After reviewing several hair loss treatments – avoiding scams has become easier. If you really want to go for a hair loss solution that works go for PROVILLUS. They are the best in business.

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This article aims to bring across relevant information that can help you assess and evaluate hair loss products you may have tried before and at what point do they fail. This way, you can easily discern your next choice, whether it is different or just as disappointing as the others. Links will be provided for reference materials that are of relevance, in case there are certain grey areas you need to pursue. The objective here is to rationalize and understand what factors led to your hair loss and what elements are needed to bring hair growth back.

At the moment, you may have shaved your head and grown a goatee to complete the style. You probably would have settled for the clean-shaven look, except that people mistake you for a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. You need not settle on how you look today nor lose hope that your looks will improve. In my personal experience, I will strive to impart knowledge that I have been through reviewing all these solutions.

There are all kinds of pills, products, topical creams and treatments for the prevention and regrowth of hair. I can tell you right now that 7o% of such hair losscompanies are frauds. At the same time these companies are engaged in highly unethical marketing tactics and many among those even the bigger brand names avoid avoid listing the side effects of their drugs and pills.

I won’t say that all of that stuff was totally useless, but after using almost every product or cream, I knew I haven’t spent wisely. While some of them didn’t work outright, some had a mild positive effect on the scalp with some hair regrowth but no-where those were worth what I had paid for.


Rogaine– Generic name Minoxidil. This product comes as a topical solution that needs to be rubbed on your bald spots. The Rogaine website was informative enough to provide information about its generic composition. There is a possibility that this will work because on the first month, it seemed to work out fine. The only problem is, it will only worsen the odds of improving your chances of ever getting into a relationship.

First of all, the feel of the Rogaine cream that dried on your head has an unpleasant texture to it. I could imagine myself shirking away from intimate moments, lest a girl would like to run her fingers through whatever is left of my remaining hair. Secondly, the process by which I could achieve this kind of texture was all too tedious. I had to apply it twice, once in the morning and another at nighttime.

I have to apply it when my hair is clean and dry, so I had to use a blower to dry my hair fast. Only then can I apply the Rogaine solution and the outcome isn’t all that appealing either. Besides, I noticed that I was still losing hair even more heavily. They said it was all part of the process and will take about two months of more hair loss and I don’t think it’s practical. It means I will be suffering more hair loss for two months, go through all the tedious process of drying and applying ointment on bald spots, and suffer the humiliation of having a hair texture that feels nasty to touch. Should I still wait for two months before I find out whether it works or not? I don’t think so. To be fair, there’s no actual proof that it doesn’t work because I quitted. However, there is no guarantee either that it’s going to work and make my life better.

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ACCORDING TO naturalnews.com, one natural supplement that can work as good as rogaine for hair loss is saw palmetto berry-

Testosterone to DHT conversion creates hair loss on the head. By preventing this hormonal conversion, saw palmetto is showing in research to be effective in the treatment of male hair loss. It is able to get the hair off men’s backs and back on their heads. Some studies have shown it to be as effective as Propecia and Rogaine.

We recommend PROVILLUS for hair loss that contains “Saw Palmetto Berry”.
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Spironolactone– You probably know by now that the most common cause of hair loss is DHT. However, for everyone’s information, DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is a natural metabolite produced due to some hormonal changes in your body. The over secretion of this metabolite will reach the scalp and affect your hair follicles in a negative way, by preventing proper absorption of proteins as well as other vitamins and minerals.

Unhealthy hair follicles will naturally shrink until they become useless to anchor your hair to your scalp. The result of course is hair fall and as your hair becomes thinner and thinner, you will achieve total hair loss. According to medical researchers, DHT blockers can neutralize these wax-like DHT that coats our roots and will make hair restoration possible.

Spironolactone is supposed to work as an effective DHT blocker or so as their publicity says. Try not to count on this because before you can achieve whatever miracle it promises you, the everyday smell of its formulation will get to you first.

Spironolactone comes in the form of a tube that can be applied like a roll-on deodorant along with a smell almost akin to a skunk. You may think it sounds like an exaggeration so I will compromise by saying it smells like badly kept armpits. In spite of the smell, I went on to use it except only during at night. If you are married, your wife won’t be able to sleep the whole night because she will keep on dreaming that there’s a skunk in your bed. If you’re single, I don’t think any lady of whatever stature, can stand to be next to a guy who smells like a skunk, much less, expect her to share your bed.

Based on my experience, Spironolactone does not work.

Propecia– Generic name Finasteride; I researched this one as far as feedbacks of users are concerned.

Around eighty percent of user reviews said that with Propecia, hair loss will stop and is capable of encouraging the hair follicles to rejuvenate and grow back hair.

This now comes in the form of a pill, which you have to take everyday. However, you have to ask your doctor for a prescription before you can purchase. This made it even more attractive and genuine.
After a few weeks of taking the pill religiously I began to regain confidence in myself because, my hair seemed to look a lot healthier. In fact, I was able to get myself a girlfriend and it was at this point that I discovered something twice as embarrassing as hair loss.

Starved as I was for affection and attention, I found out the stark truth that I was now faced with another kind of loss. My libido and all the sexual stimulation my mind entertained could not reach my erection chambers. I could manage but I could not hold it long enough. Not only was I balding at a young age (I’m only in my late twenty’s), but I was also fast becoming sexually impotent. Yes, it was a side effect of Propecia drug and unfortunately the side effect came into play as fast as the cure.

I may have made a research about Propecia and all the good feedbacks it earned but I never went as far as researching its generic name finasteride. Finasteride, which I learned too late has been medically researched as having genitourinary side effects that included impotence as the genitourinary side effect.

Luck was still on my side since I learned about this soon enough to stop taking Propecia. I was able to regain my libido back, which was more important than my hair. My research also led me to the knowledge that those who failed to make the connection between their impotence and Propecia early enough, suffered impotence for about 2 to 3 years.

Procerin– This is an all-natural and inexpensive supplement I found advertised online. I was thinking that if internal intakes of a supplement like Propecia helped improve my scalp and my hair, then trying out an all-natural formulation might work. Procerin, being herbal gave me the belief that it will be more effective, affordable and without risk of impotence. After 90 days of consuming my first order, my girlfriend confirmed what I suspected all along. There was no improvement in my hairline, thus I did not consider placing any more orders. This simply doesn’t work.


Hair Transplant Surgery– This high tech surgery involves skin grafting. A piece of flesh at the back of your head just above your nape will be cut out without hurting the DHT resistant hair follicles attached to it. The objective is to transplant this healthy DHT resistant hair follicles to your bald spot and from there let the follicles grow their roots and fill up the bald spot with newly grown hair. This means that the surgery will work only for those who still have areas with growing hair on their head. Most often, these areas can be found at the back of the head.

The process seems all very plausible with a lot of simple logic to it. The only problem is it is too expensive for an ordinary guy like me. Aside from the costs of surgery, I still have to complete and pay several post-surgery visits to make sure that the implants will grow the hair expected from them. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that it will not work out well if you don’t go back for the additional sessions. So, if you are seriously considering this option, make sure you’re rich enough to meet all the costs.

SUMMARY – I have tried a lot of other options – cheap and expensive, some herbal brands and all types like shampoos, pills, patches and those imported from Asian countries as well.

After encountering with so many companies, I realized most of all that stuff is useless and the owners of such companies knew it, yet they were laughing all the way to the bank. Surprisingly, while sifting through all those companies, I was able to locate few companies that actually had exceptionally good products. Their manufacturing department is impressive, the ingredients and quality of their ingredients used are good, and the science behind their stuff and the way they explained their products worked also made good sense. I even chatted with a few of their customers, and they verified those companies’ solutions did work for them. It was like I found a few diamonds in the rough. But don’t take my word for it, you can visit the companies I found below. See what you think.

Well, my search for effective hair loss treatment products has almost come to an end. I have to say, I was thoroughly disappointed with most of what I found and I strongly advise that you do not take chances buying stuff other than those listed below!


Nizoral Shampoo– After a year of trying out the ointments, creams and pills a try at a shampoo solution is not going to hurt any more of my chances to grow back my hair. Nizoral is not being marketed as a hair loss solution but an anti-dandruff shampoo. The funny thing is, it seems to make an improvement on my hair and my scalp. I started using this when I got convinced by a guy I work with at the office. He even goes to the extent of ordering the Mexican brand of shampoo that contains 2% Nizoral. Nizoral is actually a compound that can help hair loss and you are supposed to use it only twice a week to avoid drying up your scalp. Life doesn’t seem to run out of ironies. Nizoral shampoo does not grow my hair back, but at least I don’t suffer from too much hair fall anymore. So I stuck to this shampoo ever since.

Scalp Med– When I saw the ads of Scalp Med on TV, my first reaction was to brush it off as another one of those worthless hair loss creams. I was taking Procerin then so I was in no hurry to try out another stuff without finding out first if the one I’m taking really works. Therefore, when I gave up Procerin, the commercial re-emerged and I finally gave in to the urge of trying it out.

This came in as a package, which included the Cortex Enlarger, a hair spray that can give volume to your remaining hair to make it look full. It’s actually worthless because it won’t do your bald spots any good. Now, the package also includes two bottles: Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A, which to my surprise was giving me actual positive results. Too bad though, my finances were getting hurt by spending for all these solutions.

Anyway, my idea was to come up with my own concoction of this Scalp Med solution. Like Rogaine, Scalp Med’s active ingredient is Minoxidil, but Scalp Med was expensive and Rogaine was too tedious.

Kevis Hair Product– The only thing I can say about this one is that nobody I know of has tried it. So rather than waste whatever is left of my dwindling resources, I have not ventured trying something that no one seems to know of.

PROVILLUS– I do some of my research work about hair loss products in forums where I can be in communication with other users. That is exactly where I learned about PROVILLUS, because they were relatively new in the market. Most of the guys who gave their opinions about it were giving good reviews about its positive effects. Naturally, I looked into it, rather than miss out on something that might be worth my while.

PROVILLUS offers both topical hair loss solution and oral medication in tablet form. Although with a lot of similarity to Scalp Med, this brand uses natural ingredients and Minoxidil combined as DHT blockers. You could just imagine the excitement I felt when I did my research about this one and also saw the exact List of PROVILLUS Ingredients.

The best hair loss option (PROVILLUS) – would be a 3-part system containing a shampoo, a gel, and a nutritional supplement.

As I mentioned earlier, Rogaine contained Minoxidil and could have been effective if only it was not so crude to the point of being tedious. Scalp Med on the other hand also uses Minoxidil as main ingredient but was too expensive for my budget. Now here comes those that use natural ingredients without risk of side effects formulated to combine with Minoxidil, a proven DHT blocker.

Provillus also has a substance called Azelaic Acid, which I gathered was capable of killing the bacteria that is causing the damage to the hair follicles. Moreover, Azelaic Acid has properties that can repair the damaged follicle lining and impaired skin cells. Comparing all this drove me to the conclusion that it is indeed similar to Scalp Med except for their prices. Where a Scalp Med’s 4-month supply costs me $318, Provillus will cost me only half the cost for also 4 months but for only $149.

For the first time, I found something that I’m sure will work. All those months of using this and that stuff and I learned the value of evaluating them for their ingredients. I finally found one that really gave me hope that my hair loss days will soon be over. Of course, feeling all so sure about it prompted me to order the 4 months supply. The results? It has been more than a year and it passed with 2 packs of 6-months supply of PROVILLUS consumed and with good results.

I still have my girlfriend, and she knows for sure that there is now a difference on my bald spot. I now have the beginnings of new hair on my frontal hairline and all other bald spots in my head. My girlfriend calls it “scalp fuzz” and thinks I’m beginning to look my age. In fact, the first “scalp fuzz” that appeared has now the appearance of real hair.

Actually, I wish I could speed up the hair growth but I always remind myself to be thankful that my search for a hair loss solution is finally over. There is no need for me to hurry or expect miracles in a matter of days or weeks. Remember slow and steady wins the race- I have accepted the fact that I can never revive or rejuvenate the follicles on my forehead because they have been dormant for quite some time. The all important thing is the knowledge that PROVILLUS for hair loss really works for both men and women.

Also included as ingredients are B6 and Zinc vitamins. I used to take them as vitamin supplements in the hopes that it will provide my hair follicles the nutrition they need. I got that tip from some medical research books actually. Provillus contains these same vitamin and mineral as ingredients so I don’t have to take separate supplements any more and that’s another one good cut on my expenses.




I highly recommend PROVILLUS because it has a complete set of internal and external treatments for your hair loss. Its topical solution that contains Minoxidil as an active ingredient and supported by Azelaic Acid, B6, and Zinc along with other natural ingredients, were perfectly combined. These exact combinations made the beginnings of hair growth on my balding spots possible.

Combining the use of the topical solution with the potency of the oral tablet has made it possible for thousands like me to regain not only our hair but also the social stature we lost.

You might like to try Nizoral as your shampoo while using PROVILLUS. I find it to be effective in washing and preparing my scalp for Provillus application. However, use it after 7 days of using Provillus, after that, you can even use it twice a week or every other day.

Try not to be easily persuaded by those who claim that any other oral pill will work. Do what I did, I made a research and checked out the data that could support the effectiveness of the Provillus tablet when combined with any topical solution. Click Here for more information.

Whatever you do, I wish a healthy prosperous year for you and yours.

All the Best.

Joe Anderson.

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