Clean Your Pores and scalp ? Olive oil for cleansing scalp and hair regrowth

Before you can start your new future of a healthy head of full hair you must first prepare your scalp. I have little doubt that your scalp is probably not in the healthiest state that it could be in because most people are not.

By using a couple of different techniques, we can clean out your pores and rid them of the sebum that is contributing to their current malnutritioned state. Then we can start to use the new natural treatments to enhance the nutrition of your hair follicles.If we leave your hair as it is then your pores will remain clogged and the nutrification processes we will use later will be impaired and not as effective. You need to do the following two techniques daily for two weeks before starting the rest of the program.

Olive Oil

Why Do We Need Olive Oil?

We need an effective and preferably cheap way to get rid of the sebum from your clogged hair follicles, scalp and hair. Some people have found various other oils over the years that can do a job such as jojoba oil and aloe vera.But who needs these expensive products when simple olive oil will do?In fact, it has been scientifically proven that olive oil not only clears up the hair follicles but also actively reduces cholesterol from the scalp (which inhibits DHT production).

How Does Olive Oil Act On The Scalp?

From a biochemical point of view, olive oil is mainly a bunch of fatty acids. The human body converts these into triglycerides and then delivers them to parts of the body where they can be used such as the hair follicles.Olive oil is also a potent natural antioxidant. Bacteria on your scalp that may be causing secondary conditions such as dandruff can be eliminated and the slate wiped clean. Although olive oil has many benefits, don’t forget that the main reason we are using it for preparation is to cleanse the scalp prior to other treatments. It acts as a great natural lubricant for massaging the scalp and encouraging it to expel any waste. It helps to break up sebum and distribute it away from the follicles. It even helps to break up layers of wax and dead skin on the scalp that are blocking the pores. The fact that it also has additional properties is a bonus.

How To Apply The Oil

? Squirt a tablespoon of oil onto the fingers of one hand (not in the middle of the palm) and rub both hands together by these “fingers” to warm it up.
? Starting at the hairline, work your fingertips at the roots and massage the scalp with the oil.
? Be vigorous to encourage the follicles to expel.
? Use more oil as necessary and work backwards until your entire scalp has been massaged.
? Work the olive oil from your roots to your tips. Do not use any more oil at this stage.
? Go to sleep.
? Shampoo your hair in the morning to wash out the olive oil and sebum expelled.
? Repeat this every day for 2 weeks.

Action Steps

OK it’s your turn now. Don’t worry about the type of olive oil. You do not necessarily need extra virgin olive oil to benefit from this preparation. Just use any regular olive oil suitable for cooking with or adding to food.Remember to squirt the oil onto your fingers initially. There is no point in putting oil on the palms because you won’t be able to get it to the pores. All that will happen is that you’ll put too much oil on the surface of your hair.

A good massage is not light. It is very vigorous. Of course, you don’t want to feel pain but you do want to get good blood circulation of the scalp and stimulation of the follicles themselves. you should finish by working the oil from the root to the tips as we explained already.Like I said, it should not be painful. When you do it right you should enjoy the massage. If you have a partner then even better, get them to do the massage for you.

There are many other natural ingredients that can be massaged into the head. Some of these are better cleansers than others and some of these are better at stopping hair loss or regrowing hair than others.But when it comes to a simple cleansing of the scalp and laying a foundation for the rest of the treatments, then there is no better oil than olive oil. Thousands of men who have tried this will tell you the same thing.

Don’t worry about getting the pillow wet. If you use the right amount of oil and massage throughout the whole of your head then hardly any will get transferred onto the pillow, no more than the transfer of sebum to pillow from an ordinary full head of hair.
If you like, you can dab a tissue lightly on any bald patches if there is excess oil sitting on top of bare skin.If you are allergic to olive oil (extremely unlikely) then try jojoba oil instead. Be warned however that Jojoba oil can stain your pillowcase so you may want to drape a towel or use an old pillowcase instead.

Boar Bristle Brush

Now here’s a method of enhancing your cleaning regime to get even better results. Although this involves spending a few bucks on a new brush, you can use it for years afterwards for your general hair care too.

Why Use A Boar Bristle Brush?

Massaging with the fingertips and using a good oil can help to cleanse the hair. But a boar bristle brush has unique properties that drag the sebum out from the roots and additionally scalp the massage.What Is A Boar Bristle Brush? A boar bristle brush is simply a brush for the hair that is made from natural hair, specifically the hair of the boar. Most brushes are actually a combination of natural hair and synthetic bristles.

How Boar Hair Works

Boar hair is unique because it has a special ability to distribute sebum effectively away from the hair root. It easily retains moisture but conversely expels oils. Unlike other natural hairs it is strong enough to stand in a brush and at the same time it is gentler to existing hair than a pure synthetic brush.

The Method

In a later section called “The Correct way To Brush Your Hair”, I’ll show you exactly the new habits you need to adopt to brush and groom your hair for optimum hair health. For the cleansing preparation that we are doing, simply brush the hair from the roots to the tips. As you have already done a finger massage, most of the sebum will have already been expelled and partially distributed. The boar bristle brush will enhance this and coat the hair with the sebum which is where the sebum should lie (instead of being clogged in the follicles) and give hair its natural protective shine.

Most good hair care stores will stock boar bristle brushes. Don’t be afraid to walk into what looks like a “ladies” section to find the right brush – women are no doubt more experienced when it comes to looking after their hair. If this is a major problem then you could try a large drugstore. Better still is to look online. There are a number of leading brands – the most famous (sworn by stylists) is Mason Pearson but other good ones are made by Denman, Frederic Fekkai. A mixed synthetic/boar bristled brush is fine. There is no need to find a brush that is 100% boar hair although if you can find a bargain then go for it.

Other Notables

You should wash your boar bristle brush every day. Think of it as being like your own hair – it gets dirty and coated with oil and needs cleaning. The best way is to just take it into the shower with you and shampoo it and rinse it out with water and leave it to air dry.Most brushes that you can find will be a mixture of boar hair and synthetic materials. There is enough boar hair in them to do a good job of distributing sebum. The ones that are 100% boar hair are usually twice the price. Frankly, there is no need for this extra expense but as you get used to your new boar hair brush over the next few months you may want to invest in a 100% brush and experiment. All the guys I know that have used boar hair brushes as part of their preparation or long term treatment have not noticed any specific benefit from going to the 100% brush.






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