Biotin vs Rogaine vs Propecia

1. Propecia, aka finasteride, is great. It is one of the most amazing drugs on the market. There are some before and after photos that you will not believe. The key is persistence. Take it everyday and don’t lose a day. If you take it for 6 months, you will get significant improvement (not in everyone though but majority). Here are some caveats.

Never start by taking it everyday. Start taking it only 2x per week and every two weeks add an extra night. This will reduce side effects. I have eliminated almost all side effects by doing this method. It is called tittrating it up. If you take it for 3 months, might as well not start. You need to do it for at least 6 months.

Take before and after photos. Most patietns forget how they looked before. Use a dermcheck app so that people can take photos of their before and after and the app shows them the photos; once they see the difference, they are believers.

2. Rogain: I like it but to get best results, you might use twice daily. Use in combination with natural DHT blockers like Procerin or Profollica for best results.

3. Biotin is overrated. Most people is US do not have Biotin deficiency. But multivitamins are good.

4. Whey protein isolate and Creatine: Horrible. If you are using them, trash them and burn them tonight. (Have you ever wondered why muscle builders are bald???) Get whey protien concentrate. This will help a lot.

5. Chicken: Recent studies show that non-organic chicken will cause hairloss, so if you want to lose hair, keep eating that chicken from McDonald.

What works for the longest time?

If it works in the short term, it should probably work for a fairly long time, but “permanence” is in the eye of the beholder: who is counting hair follicles, and how accurately are they counting?

Also, keep in mind that many pharmaceuticals lose their effectiveness after “a while”, because the affected cells learn to develop a resistance to it.

(Editor’s note:- If you are looking to try Rogaine (Minoxidil), we recommend you try Procerin or Profollica hair loss treatment systems, as minoxidil works best in combination with some nutritional supplements and natural DHT blockers. (Note:- There is an entire industry selling natural DHT blockers, but most of them, especially cheap products available on Amazon/Ebay etc. are not worth your money. We recommend Procerin and Profollica because they’re backed by real doctors and have been in business since many years with lots of positive user reviews.)

What if nothing works?

My recommended solution for men is to shave their head (or go with a ¼” buzz cut):-

Puts you on the path of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Allows you to thumb your nose at the endless (and pointless) changes in hair styles/fashion.

Easy transition if you ever enter the military. Even if you never serve, you might get ancillary benefits: respect from people who assume that your ¼” buzz cut is a remnant of time in the Marines (“Semper Fi, bitches!”).

It’s the best way to manage baldness. Masking it or covering it up makes you vulnerable to detection, never-ending maintenance issues, and violates the principles of good Risk Management[1].

The trick is to MINIMIZE THE CONTRAST between the hair and scalp: shorter hair length + hair color that’s closer to (matches) skin color.

Baldness also has two upsides:-

It filters out women you don’t want to waste time on, anyway. i.e., Women who do not understand the long-term properties of looks (guaranteed fragile), wealth (potentially fragile), character (almost always antifragile[2]).

It’s ethical, because you’re not masking what your DNA is likely going to produce in offspring, something every potential mate deserves to know.
Easy inspection for serious skin conditions of the scalp, including, but not limited to, skin cancer.

Save money over your lifetime. Total Savings = Costs Avoided – New Expenses. Costs Avoided = ( ( ( $-per-haircut x #-haircuts-per-year ) + $-per-year-in-shampoo ) x #-years-you-expect-to-live-from-now ). New Expenses = ( ( #-years-you-expect-to-live-from-now / #-years-average-lifetime-of-clippers ) x $-per-pair-of-clippers ).

Studies show that men with shaved heads are rated more dominant, masculine, stronger, and taller. A likely explanation is that shaving is a proactive, agentic act, whereas naturally thinning hair is viewed as handing oneself over to nature.

“I will have the last word in this relationship!”

It will teach you that other people simply aren’t paying as much attention to you (and your looks) as you think they are. This adds perspective and is good for your character.






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