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April 26, 2009 |
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You may be throwing away your money if you decide to choose a hair regrowth product off the store shelves without first conducting a research about it. Each of these products is promoted as clinically proven to be effective. Just consider – if every hair regrowth product was so effective, why, are so many different types available on the market and why are some people still experiencing hair loss problems.

Well, it might interest you to know which of theses hair regrowth products is the best hair loss product to purchase. This is a question that no one can really give you the answer. While some particular product has been effective for some people, others claim that they are ineffective. If you have lots of money, you can try all and testify about the ones you find effective.

The Basis of All Hair Regrowth Products

Any product worth its salt should work by trying to get more nutrition to the hair follicle. The entire reason for the production of thinner hair hairs by your hair follicles as you grow older and then stop producing hair altogether is because they get less and less nutrition due to the presence of DHT, a testosterone by-product.

The point is that hair regrowth does not take place overnight for any of the hair regrowth products on the market. For all of them, you need to continue using for as long as a year to even have little results.

Actually, the best hair loss products are ones that are comfortable to use. You might want to use the hair regrowth products that your doctor prescribes for you. Of all the hair loss products on the market, these seem to be the ones that promise to be most effective.

You need to find out the cause of your hair loss before you try any hair regrowth products because what you need may be something simple, like changing your diet or getting the right medication to restore the right balance of your hormones. Most of the time hair loss is caused by surgery or stress and once the situation is rectified, hair regrowth begins without having to use any hair regrowth products.

You should make sure you continue using whichever hair regrowth product you choose for not less than six months. You will not get any results if you use a different product every week in an effort to find the best hair loss product. What you will get is a cabinet many kinds of hair loss products and an empty wallet.

Natural remedies are the best regrowth products. These contain natural chemicals that stimulate the scalp in to enable the hair follicles to better nutrify themselves.

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