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April 30, 2009 |
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Real effective Hair loss drugs – Currently only two hair loss drugs have been tried and tested and shown to produce credible results. These two hair loss drugs are Propecia and Rogaine, the only two drugs that have received approval from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as credible remedies for hair loss.

How Propecia and Rogaine work?

The modes of action of Propecia and Rogaine in slowing or stopping hair loss are totally different. Whiles propecia is a pill taken once a day, Rogaine is a liquid that is used on the scalp in a twice daily treatment.

Propecia works by inhibiting the production of a hormone known as DHT that is known to be a catalyst for hair loss. Research has indicated that almost 80% of men using Propecia stopped or even reversed their hair loss to some extent.

Propecia can only be obtained by prescription.

Rogaine increases the size of shrunken hair follicles by revitalising them. When Rogaine is used every day, persons follicles may get bigger, and the growing phase be prolonged. This may then produce longer, thicker hairs.

Rogaine can be bought over the counter.

What Propecia and Rogaine basically do is to restore hair in the frontal areas. For reasons that aren’t yet known these drugs normally, just helps to regrow thinning hair in crown area of the scalp. When hair in the frontal area has already been lost, only hair transplant surgery has been able to restore it.

What about all the other hair loss drugs and “cures”?

It is incredible how many hair loss drugs, treatments and “cures” are being offered on the Internet and on radio and television.

However, are only two hair loss drugs – Propecia and Rogaine – have been approved by FDA and proven to be really effective to any extent.

Sticking with the hair loss drugs to have results

It took time for you to lose your hair, and using Propecia or Regaine to regrow your hair also takes time. One must be patient in to take the drugs every day for not less than three months before any visible changes will be seen. Most physicians recommend that these drugs should be taken for a year before evaluating their effectiveness.

What does the FTC say?

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) made it clear when it wrote – There is no over the counter, lotion or device that can induce new hair to grow or cause hair to become thicker.” They went ahead to warn hair loss sufferers against wasting large amounts of money every year on worthless hair loss treatments.

Those who are part of our online community can attest to this and often do on our active discussion forum. However, there are many reports that Rogaine and Propecia can slow and even stop hair loss.

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