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April 8, 2009 |
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Nowadays, you can easily find hair loss medication and there are two drugs approved by FDA, which any man can get.  So are the drugs effective and are there other choices? In this article, I’ll talk about the benefits of drugs used for stopping hair loss.


This drug was originally prescribed to people to lower their blood pressure. However, it was realised that it was effective in stopping hair loss so it was later approved to be used as such. It is meant to be used on the scalp every day.

The action of the drug in achieving this is not clear. But it does make sense because as you grow older the hair follicles become less capable of accessing nutrients from the bloodstream. Minoxidil can reduce blood pressure and expand the arteries, and this could partly explain its action.


This is the second drug that the FDA has approved as a hair loss medicine. Its original use was for treating prostate enlargement but it normally caused hair loss cessation.

A natural hormone by-product known as DHT is responsible for the gradual impairment of your follicles. DHT is beneficial in some other parts of the body, but it also makes you lose your hair as you grow older.

Finasteride inhibits the formation of DHT in your bloodstream, thus preventing prostate enlargement, prostate cancer and hair loss cessation.

Side Effects

The problem with drugs is that they all have side effects, the above two inclusive. Examples of the side effects are male breast formation and erectile dysfunction.

Natural Methods

You can also use some natural methods to get the same results as these drugs, and without side effects. Sounds unbelievable?

I’ll advice you not to use any “cure-all” hair loss supplement. These are simply not effective. However, there are natural hair medicines that you can produce by yourself, using a few ingredients that are certainly effective, and may work in a similar way as Minoxidil but without the side effects.

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