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April 29, 2009 |
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Some natural hair loss remedies have been used by some people to produce results. Here are some recommended natural home remedies to hair loss.


Generally, massaging the scalp for a few minutes every day can stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and in mildly stimulate some hair growth in minor cases of temporary hair loss.

Several electric massagers that also have a component for massaging are available on the market. An oriental method called Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Kung) has been used to enhance circulation to the scalp and face also.


Therapists have used a mixture of six drops each of lavender and bay essential oils in a base of four ounces of either almond, soybean or sesame oil massaged into the scalp and allowed to sit for 20 minutes to stimulate the scalp.

Saw Palmetto Extract

The prostrate and hair loss for men are clearly connected. It had been proved that Saw Palmetto is effective in curing benign prostrate disease by reducing levels of DHT, which is known to cause androgenetic alopecia.

Other natural home based foods for hair loss remedy


Eating chickpeas basically serve two purposes. It gives you both zinc and the vitamin B-6 that you require for healthy hair. Zinc plays a significant role in building hair protein.

1. Zinc also works in combination with Vitamin A. not having any of two give you dandruff that could contribute to hair loss. Non Vegans can eat roast beef instead and still get both protein and all the benefits.

2. Roast beef

You can also get Vitamin B-6 and Zinc from roast beef. It also contains a good amount of protein. Vegans might think of replacing chickpeas with Soy beans as a source of vitamin B6 and Zinc.

3. Soy beans

Soy is a great source of protein for vegans. It also has a good amount of Iron and Vitamin E. Iron plays an important role in hemoglobin production. Hemoglobin is needed to take oxygen to the tissues of the body. Your hair cannot grow without it.

Vitamin E also aids in oxygen absorption and increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

4. Almonds

Almonds contain good amounts of vegetarian protein, Iron and Vitamin E. They also aid in reducing cholesterol making it possible not to take cholesterol lowering drugs in the future. Some cholesterol lowering drugs actually cause hair loss.

5. Whole wheat

Whole wheat contains a good amount of Silica and Iron. Silica is very important because it aids in absorbing many other vitamins and minerals. You normally will not find it in large quantities in western diets and in many cases it may be one of things that cause hair loss.

6. Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk contains absorbable Iodine. Unlike iodized salt, food sources cannot give you an overdose of iodized salt.

7. Oats

Oats are a good source of easily absorbable Iron as well. It’s also a good source of Potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

8. Oranges

Oranges (or orange juice) are a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the absorbability of meat and soy sources of Iron. Vitamin C plays a large role in the development of collagen which is needed for hair growth.

9. Fish

Fish is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Protein and essential fatty acids (efa’s). EFA’s play an important role in keeping nails, hair and skin healthy.

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