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April 26, 2009 |
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Male pattern baldness is a condition that most men will experience in their lives. It is a condition that has existed for many years, and some of the: remedies” pigeon droppings, and electric shock treatment to the scalp. These days, the hair loss prevention product market in the United States alone is said to be worth $1 Billion, and it is not likely that any of the pharmaceutical giants are likely to try and peddle pigeon droppings as a cure, but some ‘snake oil’ products are however available on the market. This article will review three of today’s most reputable hair loss prevention products.

Your first action is to examine various kinds of information that you can find. You can find many websites which talk about hair loss and different aspects of the problem. You can also find hair loss websites that promote their very own hair loss prevention product. You can browse through these information and get all the information about your problem. When you have found out what is necessary, you will be better informed to choose the best products for you and be in a better position to make the best choice from other available options.

There may be different varieties of hair loss prevention products. But if you want a better product that prevents hair loss, choose one that contains minoxidil because this is one ingredient that has been approved to help restore hair growth and decrease the rate of hair loss for some people. A hair loss prevention product with minoxidil is often the first product to be prescribed to patients. It is often prescribed together with Retin-A to increase the absorption of minoxidil into hair follicles. Many users may realise that a particular hair loss prevention product if effective for them, but other people may find out otherwise.

As much as you can, select a hair loss prevention product that has existed on the market for a long time as the product is normally sold with a money back guarantee.

· Ingredients for a hair loss prevention product should be totally natural, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, contain no hormone and have been proven to be safe in laboratory testing.

· You can be sure you have made a good choice of a hair loss prevention product if your hair grows about ½ inch to one inch a month, although different people may have different results.

· Make sure you can identify the active ingredient in the chosen hair loss product to give you the assurance that the hair loss prevention product works. This is one method of avoiding possible side effects.

It is more difficult to prevent additional hair loss than to stop or reverse it. Your problem may not necessarily be solved by following some simple tips. But by and large, it is better and much less costly to prevent, than to use any other remedy for hair thinning problems.


Rogaine (or Regaine outside the US) is the brand name for Minoxidil, which was actually used to treat high blood pressure. It was accidentally found out that this drug helped as a hair loss remedy, and is now known as such. Minoxidil works by stimulating hair growth, however, but does not affect receding hairlines, and it can take between 4 and 12 months to begin seeing any benefits. Another factor to look at is that after ceasing the use of Minoxidil for anly a few months, most new hair will be lost. This drug is applied to the scalp, in liquid or foam form, twice daily.


Propecia is one of the brand names for Finasteride, which like Minoxidil, was originally used as a treatment for a totally different condition – in this case prostate enlargement. Basically, Finasteride works by suppressing the enzyme which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is considered as one of the causes of Male Pattern Baldness. It has not been proven that Propecia can remedy frontal hair loss, although the rate of the scalp thinning process can be reduced by combating the production of DHT.


Provillus is a pill (2 per day) and works by suppressing the reducing production of DHT and giving them their growth stimulating nutrients. Provillus is wholly a natural supplement, and therefore does not require prescription. Crucially, Provillus comes with a 100% money back guarantee, which shows that the manufacturer has a great deal of confidence in it. It would also look like 3-6 months is the timeline for hair growth using this supplement, so it is good to avoid invoking the money back guarantee too soon…

As you may know, the market is full of remedies for male pattern baldness, and a lot of miracle peddlers are still around while the practice of rubbing pigeon droppings into the scalp is no more done. The three remedies reviewed above have been shown to be effective, and more research should certainly be conducted on it by anyone looking for a hair loss prevention product.

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