Hair loss treatment for men and women

April 29, 2009 |
We recommend PROVILLUS for hair loss
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Herbal remedies can enable you treat your problems. There are herbal hair loss treatments for men and women. Provillus for Men functions by stopping DHT from entering your body. As we’ve talked about earlier, DHT is one of the things that cause hair loss in men, so it can stop DHT with the help of this remedy.

Provillus for Men is produced from entirely formulation and it is meant to provide your body with the right nutrients to prevent hair loss as well as enable the hair to regrow.

Women normally experience hair loss because of changes with their hormones. Therefore, basically, they use hair loss products that are made with the causes of hair loss to women in mind. Men with hair loss problems should therefore not just use the treatments that are meant for women, since the situation is different for men and women, calling for different treatments as well. Hair loss in men in usually caused by genetic factor, meaning that their grandfather, father, brothers have experienced the same type of hair loss. So what they need is hair loss products that stimulate the scalps to cause the growth of new hair.

Some people also wonder whether it may be caused by shampoo and other hair loss products. Different people may have different results, but there are only a few cases where hair dyes, chemicals and others can produce allergic reactions and cause inflammation of the scalp and hair loss. It is therefore advisable to just use very good hair products to prevent this from causing damage and injury to hair follicles.

Hair equipment like blow dryers and hair irons can also cause hair loss in some women, and this may sometimes be more than one can think of. It wil be best to stay away from generic hair equipments and choose high quality ones to prevent them form damaging your hair.

Typically, men become bald on top of the hair. It is known as Male Pattern Baldness. Androgentic Alopecia normally runs in the families. It plays the major role of hair loss to men. Basically, men produce testosterone which can be converted into DHT with the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. This DHT shrinks the hair follicles that causes the membranes in the scalp to thicken and become elastic and reduces blood flow. This will lead to deterioration of the hair follicles. So the hair can no longer be replaced when they fall out.

Research has shown that as oestrogen production in women decreases after menopause, they also experience hair loss. There is reason to believe that there is a connection between estrogen loss and hair loss, and that replacing the estrogen with birth control pills will work as a hair loss treatment for women.

And birth control pills have actually worked effectively as a hair loss treatment for women. Birth control pills, however, can cause unwanted side effects, and those using them for a hair loss treatment for women should monitor themselves carefully.

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