Herbal hair loss treatment

April 26, 2009 |
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Herbal hair loss treatment refers to the application of naturally available herbs and other medicine‘s in the curing process of hair loss.

Herbal treatments are used for the natural cure of hair loss. The medicine that is mostly applied in herbal hair loss treatment is the Indian medicine known as Ayurveda. The most well known treatment is the use of oils obtained from the natural plants from dense forests. Some of the oils are jojoba oil, coconut oil etc.

Examples of the natural substances used are wild yam root, saw palmetto, stinging nettle and wolfberry fruit. Wild yam is used in the synthesis of hair growth hormone required by hair follicles. Next is one is the saw palmetto which enables blockage of the 5 alpha reductates, thus stopping hair loss.

The next one is the stinging nettle which is an herbal supplement which blocks the Di-Hydro testosterone hormone, which is the main cause of hair loss. One other such supplement is wolfberry fruit. You cannot cure hair loss overnight with herbal remedies. The major hair loss disease is the Alopecia.

You can easily use ayurveda to treat alopecia. Alopecia, either in men or women, can be cured by sirodhara. The treatment involves the use of medicated oil in warm condition, medicated milk or buttermilk. This treatment is mainly targeted as treating the patient mentally.

The next natural herbal hair loss treatment is based on the philosophy of stress reduction. Massage technique is used in removing stress. Massage at the head surely reduces a large amount of stress and therefore stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Some more herbal treatment is given in the form of supplements. The supplement is taken either before or alongside the food.

Nutrition in the diet can also provide herbal treatment when vegetables such as spinach, which is a rich source of iron, and other protein rich vegetables are eaten. These help in treating hair loss. Some other herbs that help in the treatment are ginkyo biloba, pygeum and green tea.

Ginkyo biloba enhances blood flow in the brain, thus supplying more nutrients to the hair follicles which enhance hair growth by stimulating the follicle stimulating hormone. Camella sinesis contains catechins which inhibits the 5 alpha reeducates enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT hormone which is the major cause of hair loss.

Pygeum also works in a similar way as green tea. Natural hair loss treatment procedure also makes use of saw palmetto. These treatments are used in environments that are rich in climate and nature, such as the various hill resorts around the world. Alcohol should not be used alongside these medicines because it can react with the herbal solutions to cause hair loss.

The ayurveda treatment is carried out in resorts. The herbal hair loss treatment resorts available are Indus valley ayurvedic center in the India and the natural hair transplant center in United States of America.

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