Alopecia areata
Alopecia areata information.

Also referred to as AA, alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that brings about hair thinning and baldness AA may also be termed spot baldness since it leads to round spots of hair loss.

Biochemistry of Hair
Biochemistry of Hair Growth.
Healthy blood flow to the follicles is one of the key prerequisites for a healthy head of hair. Improved blood flow can actually reactivate the follicle and the dermal papillus can once more connect and help nourish the follicle to create hair. 

laser therapyHow laser therapy works?

Both men and women experiencing androgenic alopecia, or genetic induced pattern baldness, appear to be the best candidates for Low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

Hair loss causesHair loss causes in men and women.  

Various health problems along with hormonal impacts,like thyroid ailment as well as anemia, lead
to hair loss

Hair loss in women causes  

Hair loss in women causes and treatment.

The reason for female hair loss is usually shown in the pattern, hence doctors check out the pattern for loss to have an perception of the reason and the way to cure it.


maintenance of a Healthy Scalp 

The maintenance of a Healthy Scalp.
Use a very good shampoo and apply a conditioner once daily, your skin layer of the scalp must remain moist and also well cared for.


Way To Wash Your Hair 

The Correct Way To Wash Your Hair.

By washing your hair and massaging the scalp at the same time, you can rid the hair of old sebum and dirt and encourage the hair follicles to produce new sebum.

scalp massage 

Capsaicin for scalp massage to get rid of hair loss.

All of us certainly understand slightly regarding the biology of the hair. By way of revitalizing the scalp we may stimulate higher circulation of blood into the hair follicles. This will deliver them the nourishment which they require (from the blood) as well as disperse DHT.


Waste Management 

Follicle “Waste Management”.

Each and every hair follicle possesses an adjoining sebaceous gland. This discharges an oily compound, sebum, which layers the scalp plus the hair and thus guards it.


Lifestyle Changes 

Lifestyle Changes to treat hair loss permanently.

A better diet also means a better bloodstream, high in all nutrients, high in good fats and low in bad fats. A poor diet will result in blockages and constriction of the blood vessels feeding your hair follicles.

Clean Your Pores and scalp  

Preparation – Clean Your Pores and scalp.

In fact, it has been scientifically proven that olive oil not only clears up the hair follicles but also actively reduces cholesterol from the scalp.


Stop hair loss 

Why Exercise to Stop hair loss?
The connection between the blood system and the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicle is something that we can take full advantage of.