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May 4, 2009 |
We recommend PROVILLUS for hair loss
You can read my review on hair loss products. It's a lengthy read but I've tried my best to present the facts before you.
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Most of the time, I try to avoid that problem with blood pressure, so this immediately removes Rogaine from my hair loss treatment shopping list.

I conducted some studies and realised that several available effective products function on a hormonal level and do so naturally, without changing any other variables in the body and I finally began trying Propecia and Provillus, two hair loss treatments that reviewers liked very much.

I had been experiencing bald spot problems since my early 20s and although I had not as yet had a full shine, the problem of hair loss was increasingly getting more disturbing and disheartening, so I started out with Propiacia tablets and waited patiently to see some results.

Well, I did not actually get the results that I wanted and it’s mostly my fault, because I should have read the seal more carefully. Propecia is good for hair loss, but achieves little in terms of hair regrowth.

Hair loss is mostly a result of the combination of testosterone and an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase.

This combination produces DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, which makes hair follicles weak and thin, causing them to become very vulnerable. Normally, when a follicle is affected by DHT, it is likely to fall off when it is combed or stroked. (It eventually it falls off on its own anyway).

If you are losing hair faster than growing it back, you’ll be having a bald spot in quite a long time.

So Procepia can balance this loss/growth ratio by decreasing the loss, but with a very unbalanced scale, you’ll require a product that treats the hair loss as well as encourage hair growth. This is how Provillus is better than Propecia and truly than many other similar products.

Most people that used propecia saw results after 3-4 months, which is just about the same time that Provillus requires to achieving results.

This is the part of a hair loss treatment is really the most difficult part, the “blind” period in which you keep on applying the lotion, drinking the tablets, rubbing the cream and so on, without really seeing the hair grow.

After using Provillus for 3 months, I began seeing small hair follicles growing in the bald places and the thinning hair was also feeling stronger.

So is Provillus more effective than Procepia? Well, from what I have gone through, it is, because hair loss wasn’t my only problem, I also had to grow the hair back up in the bald spots, not just strengthen current follicles.

I’m certain there may be other products available that would be quite effective, but for me my problem was solved by Provillus. If you are encountering the same problem that I was, you may find Provillus to be the hair loss treatment for you.

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