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April 26, 2009 |
We recommend PROVILLUS for hair loss
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The process of hair loss must be seen as quite natural, but of late, due to various negative factors, hair loss has heightened and become a real problem, both in men and women. It is for that reason that a large number of people are searching for correct information and effective hair loss treatments. Luckily, modern medicine provides a large variety of solutions. Some of these are therapeutic Shampoos, hair creams and balsams, hair growth stimulants and the medicines that enhance blood flow, vitamins and hair food cocktails, scalp massage, hair replacement and many others. However, a large majority of these treatments is linked with chemicals and other unnatural ways of solving hair loss problem.

Moreover, Provillus is a peculiar natural formula that can be found in two different compositions specially made for male and female hair loss patterns. Provillus for Men contains Saw Palmetto extract, which has the features to decrease the levels of male hormones DHT in male body. At that Provillus for Women contains various Vitamins and acids needed to nourish women’s hair and fight with female type of hair loss. Finally, the use of Provillus hair loss treatment is not associated with any risks, such as financial, because this natural remedy is always accompanied by a money back guarantee.

An increasing number of people have been looking for natural alternatives these and in the process they came across Provillus which is made up of only natural ingredients to prevent hair loss.

This natural treatment is surrounded by many myths and rumours. Here are some of the side effects with which it is linked, but result from other treatments

Itchy scalp. Propecia has been reported to produce this side effect. Provillus does not contain any ingredients at all that may lead to this and the two are confused by many people because they have similar names.

Acne. This is a side effect of some chemical treatments. This can certainly not be caused by any ingredients in natural treatment. The reason why some treatments are on a medical prescription only may be this side effect.

Erectile dysfunction. This is a popular side effect of chemical treatments. Some people actually consider it a myth until they begin using it and find out the hard way it is not. No natural treatments contain ingredients that can cause this effect.

What are the side effects of Provillus hair loss treatment?

As at now no side effects have been found. It has all the desired advantages. It contains DHT blocking ingredients, vitamins, proteins and minerals for hair growth.

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