Rogaine Review: Does Rogaine Work?

May 3, 2009 |
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You can read my review on hair loss products. It's a lengthy read but I've tried my best to present the facts before you.
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Rogaine has been in existence for a very long time and since its introduction onto the market in the 80s, the producers of this hair loss prevention treatment have seriously promoted it.

Strangely enough (or not, looking at the amount of money they used in advertising) most of the “unbiased” reviews on the Internet rate Rogaine highly as one of the most efficient products in the hair loss market. But is this true?

I’ll try to give a fair review, although I’m going to also try and give information about Rogaine and another hair loss prevention product I’ve tried, Provillus. Thing is, they’re both rather properly advertised and you will find many positive reviews on both all over the Internet.

All reviewers will testify that they achieved some results with Rogaine, but many of them do not mention what I found out myself: the hair is very thin and weak and it mostly grows on the crown of the head, not on the sides or the temple area.

To be fair, Rogaine gave me some fast results, but strangely, the strength of the hair that started growing was like the fuzz on a peach. It could also not grow as fast as the rest of the hair and in different lengths all over the head. Was it effective?


Was the result pleasing to me? No. my new-grown hair actually appeared funnier and stranger than the bald spot I had earlier.

In comparison, Provillus might be quite slower, as the first results could be seen in up 3 months.

However, Provillus produced hair that appeared natural and strong and also grew at a faster rate after the first three months.

I believe that Provillus enables a balanced growth and loss prevention, which was essential in many instances. What I wanted wasn’t just some new fuzzy, weak hair, but something I could wear for a long time and Rogaine could just not give me that. Provillus however came quite close.

Another consideration you might want to make when you need to choose between Rogaine and Provillus their mode of action in reducing hair loss. The principal ingredient in Rogaine is a drug known as Minoxidil, normally prescribed to patients having high blood pressure.

If you have a condition where you have be very mindful of your blood pressure, it’s not advisable for you to use Rogaine, as it may have dangerous effects.

Provillus, however, is a natural DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blocker that only functions on a hormonal level, so its use does not pose any danger.

Now, I’m not saying that Rogaine as totally a totally useless hair prevention treatment, in fact it appears to have been quite effective for many people. But, for me Provillus is just a better product on many levels.

You need to be a little more patient, but it gives much stronger and natural results which contributed a lot in making me decide to use Provillus.

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