Does Rogaine work for hair loss? Comprehensive user reviews

Rogaine(Minoxidil) is a vasodialator. It works by opening the blood vessels, widening the hair follicles, and potentially allowing more nutrients to get to the root of the hair.

It works best on men who have been losing hair for 5 years or less, and do not have too much central balding. The good news is that yes, for most men, Rogaine does work as it says it will. The problem is that most people don’t know what Rogaine actually claims to do.

Another issue is that although it is FDA-approved and has proven science behind it, the catch is that minoxidil doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, over-the-counter minoxidil may only work well in about 38.3 per cent of patients, according to medical studies.

In rare cases, often too much of the medicine is absorbed into the human body. Ketoconazole, an anti-fungal medication, can be effective in stimulating new hair growth if you suffer from androgenetic alopecia.

Green tea containing catechins inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone into hair-unfriendly DHT. To maintain results you need to keep administering. There are a number of ways your locks will respond.

We all discover how important role does our hair play in developing and boosting our overall character and to keep it at its best; we try out much different stuff and constantly want it to look good, bouncy, and their best.

When hair loss is a part effect of a medicine, hair growth frequently returns to normal after the drug is stopped. In accordance with Grey Hair Loss, Propecia will stay in your human anatomy for approximately one day, while Advodart stays in the system for all months. It curbs the manufacturing of testosterone and other androgens by the adrenal gland and reproductive organs (in women, the ovaries).

Like with all alternative methods listed below, doing this alone will produce limited results in accordance with doing them together. See these photos of twins for a good example.

Nutritional deficiencies can also lead to baldness, as healthy hair needs nutrients, such as vitamins A, B6, B12 and C, since well as copper, zinc and iron in, order to maintain its vitality.

Keratin is the best of all proteins for hair care.

Period. Your success will be contingent on many factors, including your amount of hair thinning, expectations, and how well you comply utilizing the treatment guidelines.

Since it’s created to prevent hair loss, it’s probably better suited for someone whom already has a good amount of hairlocks but wants to keep it longer, instead than someone with barely-there brows. What we do not realize could be the increased stress hamper the blood blood circulation into the body and also lead to changes in the hormones which have a direct impact on hair loss.

You will find remedies that can slow or stop hair loss, as well as in some cases reverse it. Nevertheless, there are plenty of shonky operators and products out there, and this can be traps for the desperate.

Rogaine remains the only minoxidil-containing hair loss treatment for females to be approved for the five percent minoxidil degree.

My Experience And Review

THE BRIEF RESPONSE – Yes, Rogaine, with some lifestyle changes, works, and works REALLY WELL. Female-pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is characterized by an excessive amount of hair loss. The hair follicles in women with this particular condition typically are more painful and sensitive to the androgen dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which causes the follicles to shrink and eventually cease producing hair.

Although women frequently respond favorably to minoxidil, a medication that treats androgenetic alopecia, only 20 to 25 percent of affected women experience hair regrowth, in line with the National Institutes of wellness. If minoxidil fails to deliver positive results, women can start thinking about other treatments, such as for example spironolactone.

According to many minoxidil specialists and sources online, both the liquid and foam have the exact same effectiveness – presuming they’ve been both minoxidil 5%. Minoxidil 5% is minoxidil 5%, regardless of whether it is available in liquid or foam. Some people choose liquid because it is less expensive, while others prefer foam because it is much more gentle on your skin with fewer side effects.

As an example, while fluid minoxidil users complain of skin dryness, rash and itchiness, some experts say these side effects are non-existent on the foam. However, just like anything else, it may depend on the individual user, so take this with a grain of sodium.

What worked for me was doing nothing about losing my hair and simply letting nature take its course. My hair started receding in my early 20s, but only a little, then it stopped for about 30 years. Then in my early 50s my hair started receding and thinning very rapidly again.

We panicked until my partner explained she loves bald males and had been wishing I would go bald. She talked me into just letting myself go bald. Within just couple of years I went from norwood 2 or 3 to norwood 6.

I really don’t regret my decision to go bald and do not have desire to regrow my hair. My partner and I actually enjoyed watching my hair recede and thin away. We love being bald and you mightn’t pay me to regrow my hair. In retrospect, I wish I had continued balding in my 20s most of the way to norwood 7.

Whenever your human body is.. I was hoping for more growth than We have gotten so far? Glad we stopped once I did. It’s much more straightforward to make use of. Hair loss can be brought on by lots of different factors. A topical formula was made which has been used with some success to treat male pattern baldness. Apply the product twice a day when your hair and head are dry.

The American Hair Loss Association strongly implies against investigating or purchasing baldness services and products on commercial websites. Minoxidil concentrates more on hair follicles where it helps raise the anagen stage and in return widen the hair follicles and growth of higher strands. However, some people may experience watery eyes due towards the alcohol content in a Minoxidil product.

Nevertheless, I want to mention that Propecia is not for women.

Does Rogaine Really Work? Our Guide For Using Rogaine In 2018

Rogaine could very well be the best marketed solution to hair loss today. In our research and our conversations with experts, one name kept popping up repeatedly: Rogaine. Due to the fact first topical brand FDA-approved to help regrow hair (all the way back in 1988), Rogaine advantages from above 20 years of medical trials and customer feedback Rogaine was the very first brand to offer a 5 per cent minoxidil foam solution when it debuted Men’s Rogaine Unscented Foam in 2006, and virtually every treatment developed since (for both men and women) has been an imitation or derivation of the formula.

As for the product it self, it is rather simple to make use of. It comes in a foam form which is significantly easier to use than the company’s topical solution (which will be applied with a dropper).

If you’ve ever used mousse as a styling product, it looks and seems about the exact same. Men’s Rogaine Foam has a pleasant smell as well. To apply, merely disperse a grape sized amount onto dry fingers and massage in to the top area twice daily.

Allow the product to soak in for a few moments before using any styling product. You could still blow-dry or use your favorite styling products as they won’t adversely affect the performance of the product. My locks is worn very short and my locks is fine, and so I just spread the Rogaine Foam around a bit more and utilize it is my styling product. When it dries, it can have a bit of a hold factor.

Dr. William Rassman, hair restoration doctor and senior member of the American Hair Loss Association, explains that coconut oil has no association with preventing locks loss. Rassman says that coconut oil may “smell nice” and be a reasonably effective treatment plan for dry scalp, but it will not prevent hair loss. You will find claims that a “scalp massage” can increase blood flow to your hair follicles and prevent hair loss. This is incorrect.

Hair loss is nearly always the consequence of a genetic susceptibility to DHT according to Dr. Victor Hasson, hair restoration surgeon and member of the international alliance for hair renovation surgeons. Conditions such as dry scalp or inadequate scalp blood flow aren’t the explanation for 99 percent in hair loss cases.

First thing to consider is that there must be locks follicles in the part of your face you might be applying Rogaine to.

Rogaine stimulates hair follicles, it doesn’t create new ones. Just because hair is maybe not growing doesn’t mean you can findn’t hair follicles there. Unfortunately there’s no real solution to get a hair follicle density count for a certain part of the face, you only have to experiment to check out if you get outcomes.

When pomade comes in contact with a hot brush or hot iron, it liquefies and drips down the hair shaft into the follicle. This results in chronic inflammatory folliculitis, which can lead to scarring alopecia and consequently permanent hair loss.

Females’s Rogaine initially had a reduced level of minoxidil than guys’s Rogaine because there was a fear that the active ingredient could cause temporary low blood force in women.

All things considered, Rogaine has turned into a trusted item and brand which got demonstrated to assist an enormous quantity including men and ladies all throughout america with the problems of baldness and hair depends on every individual and as a result of utilizing hair loss and hair thinning item, Rogaine, may vary from a time period of 1 to 3 months of regular use.


I bet if I brush them more I’ll have even better outcomes. After reading up on it, I started utilizing it a while right back and I enjoy how it’s been exercising. Sebum contains testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, often called DHT.

These impacts quickly disappeared after the medicine was stopped. Absence of undesired facial hair in a lot of teenagers and grown men is a common problem. In ROGAINE® Brand products, minoxidil delivers results by reactivating your hair’s natural growth cycle by reinvigorating hair follicles that are shrunken due to hereditary locks loss.

Nizoral is used in conjunction with finasteride and minoxidil. A couple of years ago I realized that my hair was getting thinner and thinner, and I noticed that my hairline was starting to recede. Propecia has not been authorized for women.

When it comes to drug remedies for androgenetic alopecia , women are in a difficult position.  This product works for people with hereditary locks loss and not meant for treatment of other reasons of hair loss.

There are few actual shampoos on the market; there is a wide variety of other products, ranging from pills, foams, topical sprays and lotions, with respect to the stage and type of hair loss. Nevertheless, biotin is an essential B vitamin connected with all the metabolism of fats, carbs and amino acids had a need to produce the protein the body uses to create epidermis, hair and nails.

However, Rogaine can stimulate unwanted hair growth. While you may be able to apply it to a receding hairline forever without achieving results, it may stimulate hair growth on the back or face where it may not be wanted.

(This is especially true of Women’s Rogaine, which may stimulate hair growth all over the head but can also cause facial hair to grow.)

It may stimulate hair follicles to grow, however, Rogaine does not stop the chemical enzyme responsible for male pattern baldness.

Side effects include dandruff, contact dermatitis; itching, and redness or irritation.

Once the product is stopped, the hair cycle will return to normal in 30-60 days. Therefore if you want a permanent effect from it, you’ll need to use it as directed (once or twice daily) indefinitely.

If that sounds like a chore, we would suggest switching it off with Nioxin (hair-stimulating shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment; works by irritating the hair follicles to try and stimulate growth) every few days, and see how that works.

I would also suggest giving your scalp a rest once or twice a week; as the alcohol and propelyne glycol in these products may cause dryness, itching, redness, and irritation.

For best results, we recommend these Rogaine systems – Procerin or Profollica.

User reviews

Review 1

In my experience it is more of a steroid. The medicine tricks the follicle making it behave and somewhat seem to be stronger. It WILL keep the hairs you still have there for a bit longer. Pacifying you. Once you stop using or break the routine, your follicle crashes like a bad 5 hour energy shot. Well,not so much crash but it will go back to its base which in most cases is based on your dna. Face it, sad to say, but if there were a miracle cream out there YOU, ME, and EVERY pharmaceutical company would be all over it!

Review 2

Yes it does!
I am 26 years old. I have been gradually losing hair overall on the top, since I was 22. But in the last few months I have had massive hair fall so much so that I can clearly see my scalp when I wet my hair. It’s almost as if there are just a few left.
Last month I finally decided to give Rogaine ( minoxidil ) a try.
I have avoided starting rogaine treatment for a few weeks, mainly because I would have to follow the regime of applying it twice daily permanently, if I plan to keep the new hair intact in the future. Also, because I was trying to hold on to the hair that was left in my head and was trying to fight a losing battle of not making them fall by using various shampoos and oil and what not!
I started Rogaine use on December 1st and currently this is my seventh week of use and am I glad to say that I see baby hairs growing in my frontal hairline! ( which was receding by the way ). I have been looking closely in the mirror since several days now to see if I can spot some results and today it’s as if it has appeared magically from nowhere.
I have kept long hair on the top so that I can cover my scalp while combing so it’s not so easy for me to see the hair growth on the top entirely but I believe it should be the same case as in the front since I have been applying the Rogaine liquid uniformly. I have recently started taking Pumpkin Seed Oil capsules ( 500-1000 mg per day ) because it’s supposed to speed up the process with vital nutrients supply for hair growth and reduce DHT levels. You could also take Saw palmetto capsules, which I think is stronger DHT inhibitor than PSO.
If you are having hair loss and if maintaining hair is really important to you, then I would suggest you to start on minoxidil today. Just start and then gradually do your research online about hair loss.

Review 3

For 1 and half month i was on finpecia but my hairfall didnt stop..and had side effects(skin rashes)..then started to use both rogaine and finpecia(alternate days) .before using rogaine i shaved my head so that rogaine could be eaisly applied..after 2 week of using rogine (+finpecia which i was using frm 1 n half month) i can see new baby hair growing in my crown and front but with serve sideeffect . As soon as i applied rogaine there was Unbearable Headache and my whole body temp goes down which is very uncomfortable. So i limited rogaine application form twice in a day to onces..and now all the side effects r gone…

Review 4

I will give you my experience with Minoxidil 5%:

When I started using it, the Hair fall increased initially. This typically happens when you start using Minoxidil. Also, there was some itching.
After a month or so, the Hair fall reduced to a great extent. Also, the strength of hair increased. I could wave my hand through my Hair and would not get a single hair in my hand. But the scalp became sticky.
Minoxidil basically stopped my hair from falling by jamming my Hair follicles. Typically, each hair follicle has a cycle where Hair falls when it becomes old and weak. It is replaced by new Hair. Minoxidil forcibly pauses that cycle.
After an year, I stopped using Minoxidil because although the rate of balding reduced to a great extent, I was still loosing hairline and was balding slowly. This is because I have genetic Male Pattern Baldness.
Once I stopped using Minoxidil, there was a lot of Hair Fall because all the old hair which were stuck in the follicle because of Minoxidil started falling. The rate of Hair fall and Hair line recession was even more than the time before I started using it.

My Opinion:-

A) Use it only if you are ready to put Minoxidil on your head for all the remaining years of your life (the dosage might reduce in future).

B) If you have genetic/Male pattern Baldness then Minoxidil can only delay your baldness. It slows down the process and you may get an extra 2–3 years. But you will eventually go bald.

C) If your Hair fall is not because of genetic reasons, then it might definitely help you more.

D) It only prevents further Hair Loss. It does NOT recover lost follicles/hairline.

PS: I started shaving my head while I was balding. I liked how I looked. It gave me confidence and I got out of the entire “Going Bald” stress & depression. I am a happy bald guy now who is doing everything you dream of ?

Review 5

I always had a pretty good head of hair (I’m in my mid 50’s) but I started noticing a lot less hair about 5-6 months ago – so I started using Rogain about 2 or 3 months ago. I’m quite pleased with the results so far. I’m actually quite impressed with how quickly it worked for me (about a month). I don’t have a bald patch in the back of my head, rather a general thinning of the hair towards the front. Rogain is not supposed to work on the front of the scalp (hairline), but it did for me. I notice that a lot of new hair is small and fine, but that helps to thicken the appearance of the scalp, so its all good.

Review 6

Rogaine is modestly effective (about 1/3 people see a moderate amount of regrowth, the rest will see slight regrowth, no regrowth but maintenance of existing hair, or not respond at all), but in and of itself it won’t stop baldness because it doesn’t address the root cause.

The way hair medications work now is that that are only somewhat effective at regrowing hair, but pretty effective at maintaining hair. Here’s exactly what you should do:

Start taking photos of your hair. And I mean good, quality photos of your hairline (with your hair pulled back), temples, and crown, both wet and dry, every 3-6 months.

Read the sticky in /r/tressless. I’d link to it, but I think this sub doesn’t allow links to posts in other subreddits or something.

Immediately beginning using the “big three” which are: Propecia (finasteride), Rogaine (minoxidil), and a ketoconazole shampoo such as Regenepure or Nizoral. All three of these are clinically proven to slow down/stop hair loss and sometimes even regrow hair.

The one caveat is that finasteride (by far the most effective of the three– 90% of users see a halting or reversal of their hair loss) can have side effects in a small portion of the population, so do your research. The key is to begin treatment early, because your chances of success drastically decrease the longer you wait. It is 100x easier to maintain hair than it is to regrow it.

Review 7

I’m 34 now and genetically predisposition to balding. I’ve decided two things I never want to be are fat or bald. Staying lean is easy enough but preventing baldness is another matter.

I’ve dabbled with Rogain but had no noticeable effects. I’m sure it can work for some people but I’ve never met anyone whom it regrew hair for. So long story short I’ve spent some money getting my slightly diminished hair line restored before it got really noticable and the long term plan after bringing that hair line back is a lifetime of Finasteride (or at least until I don’t care any more).

I’ve been on it a couple years and haven’t noticed any subsequent hair loss. I’ve even let my hair grow out for a different look since I’d never had long hair before.

So, so far I endorse the stuff. But the best advice I can give from my own experience is if your mother’s father was a bald man and you’ve noticed some hair loss starting, it’s not going to stop, go talk to your doctor about Finasteride or other options immediately. The stuff costs me about $10 every 3 months and if you wait, then later try to recover hair you’ve already lost, it’s a whole lot more expensive.

Review 8

Yes Rogaine works. Generic Minoxidil also works. How well it works depends on how long hair has been gone from those sparse or bare areas. If those areas are completely void of hair and have been that way for a long time (five years or longer), nothing is going to work to grow hair there. If it has been less than five years, you might be able to grow some of it back. You won’t know untill you try.

Here is what I suggest. If you are in the U.S., go to WalMart or whatever store you prefer and pick up one bottle of Rogaine foam and Nizoral A-D shampoo. Use the foam once per day about two hours before bedtime. Use Nizoral A-D shampoo once per week in place of your regular shampoo.

One bottle of Rogaine foam should last 30 days but since you will only be using it once per day you will have only used half of it in 30 days. There are two reasons I am suggesting you start out this way. First to find out if you can use Rogaine. Most people can but some people can’t. So you only want to buy one bottle just in case you are one of the few people who can’t use the medicine. The other reason is so you have time to learn how to dose yourself properly. It takes some practice. You will understand what I mean once you start.

After 30 days if all is well, go back to the store and get a 3-month supply of Rogaine foam and a 3-month supply of generic liquid 5% Minoxidil. Use the foam for your morning dose and the generic liquid Minoxidil for your evening dose. There are two reasons why I suggest you do this. First it is because it takes four to six months before you will know if Rogaine or generic Minoxidil is going to help you. This way you will already have a six month supply. The second reason is to help you save some money. Rogaine foam is more expensive, but it is very stealthy. Generic liquid Minoxidil is inexpensive but it is not stealthy at all.

Rogaine currently has a rebate promotion going on. Once you buy the 3-month supply of Rogaine foam, take advantage of the rebate promotion. Here is a link to the form and Rogaine’s website.

Continue to use Nizoral A-D shampoo once per week in place of your regular shampoo as part of your regimen.

Take good quality photos before your start your regimen. After six months take a second set of good quality photos. You want to keep your before and after photos as similar as possible to help you make the best evaluation and comparison you possibly can to help you determine if the medicine is working for you.

Remember, it takes four to six months to determine if Minoxidil will help you. It takes longer before you will know how well it can help you. If between four and six months you start seeing peach fuzz, the medicine is working for you. You will not know how well it is going to work for you until you have been using the medicine for 12 to 18 months.

If after six months it is obvious that the medicine is not going to help you, go off of it gradually. Stop using it twice per day and use it only once per day for a few weeks. Then only once per day every other day until you run out of the medicine. This is to help you avoid the shed that sometimes happens when people go off Minoxidil.

Review 9

Yes it does work. But it takes a different time for different people to see results.

For example, some claim to see results in the first 3-6 months. Others claim to see results in under a year or within a year. Personally, i’m starting to see regrowth AFTER more than a year, 15 months to be exact. I’ve also been on finasteride for 15 months.

The most important thing is, that while it took a while for my hair to start regrowing, I had a set back because I was also diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in the middle of last year, on top of my already MPB. My AA has been treated and it’s getting better, my Dermatologist has injected me with some steroid, I forgot what it was, I think it’s a cortisone injection steroid, i’ve gotten injections on 4 different appointments. The injection seems to not only make my AA better, but I think it’s aiding fin and minoxidil in my fight with MPB.

The bald patches infected by AA went from being completely bald, hair less, just skin, to now it’s really filling up and doctors say I am lucky I have responded so well, they say it doesn’t work at all for some people. They actually asked me if I wanted to be part of a study, they’re trying to find a cure for AA, they wanna see why it works on some people and doesn’t work on other people.






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